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I remember how it
felt to be happy;
as though I was
holding shards of
gold in my palm that
were slowly dissolving
between my fingertips;
something beautiful
that was inevitably
to be lost.

— m.l.b, happiness is fleeting and I’m afraid to feel (via traced-veins)


I am hard to love.
I am ice one moment
And fire the next.
Let it deter you,
Let me warn you off.
If it works,
You are weak.
If you stay,
I am yours.

I feel empty somedays, most days actually. I sit at the edge of my bed and stare at my hands and at the walls, so confused. I look in the mirror and all I see is him. I see the lips that he once kissed, I see the eyes that bled tears for him ,I see the cheeks he used to make blush. I don’t want to see him anymore. I wish I could erase every trace of him from my my mind and from my soul. It’s not fair that even though he’s not present in my life, he still has full control over my sanity and my well being.

— foreverwritteninstone (via foreverwritteninstone)

these are the last words I’ll dedicate to you
I’ve given up so many pieces of myself, can’t stop offering them up as long as you’re around.
so here it is
the last words I’ll carve into a tombstone marked “my foolish expectations”
can’t keep clinging onto shreds of you that you left me with
can’t keep revisiting your empty words each night as if they were my bible.
so I will bury you under layers of earth along with my naïveté
and shattered hopes,
because under my bed in a box was not far enough to keep me from returning to you.
from pulling on that old sweatshirt
or tshirt
or running my fingers over that stupid $2 bill.
i will lock you away and give the key to someone whose hands don’t shake
until I learn to be steady again
without you.

— a eulogy for love - A.S (via narcol-ptic)

I constantly have to remind myself to do little things—to eat, to breathe, look both ways before crossing the street: It’s not a matter of forgetfulness, but what you are supposed to do when your survival instincts begin to fail.

— A.S. (via zischeln)

But the worse thing about growing up and getting older, is the way my friends just sort of drifted away. It is sad how someone can mean so much to you, and be such an important part of your life, and then, because of time, or other uncontrollable circumstances, you never see them again. For whatever reason they are gone, and you miss them, and everyday you hope and pray that you will see them again, if only for a second. But they go on without ever thinking of you, or knowing how much they have meant, or just how beautiful they are, and how your life will never be what you want it to be without them

— Adam Stanley  All My Sins Remembered (via iamadamstanley)

It is hard to decide
if you are the anchor
that gives me strength,
or the rusty old metal
that holds me down.

— "You want to hate that person but you can’t, and you end up hating yourself for still loving them." // M.D.L (via mingdliu)

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